3 Way Valves

For dividing flow into two directions, with the ability to seal off flow in one or the other direction.   Click Here For KIMRAY Specifications  

Electric Pilot

Commonly used to control an electric actuator on a control valve to allow for pressure regulation, the Electric Pilot can be used in any application where a 4-20mA valve actuator

Gas Pilot Operated Regulators

Control pressure upstream of the valve by adjusting the set point to the desired max upstream pressure. Used on separators, heater treaters, compressor stations, and gas gathering systems. Utilizes process

Glycol Pumps

For recirculation of glycol in a dehydration system Click Here For KIMRAY Specifications

Lever Operated Trunion

These assemblies connect to the vessel and sense the liquid level, moving a lever up and down, linking to and operating the mechanical dump valve. A Float and Float Arm

Low Pressure Valves

Upstream vs downstream pressure is balanced via communication of the process fluid above and below the balancing diaphragm or piston in order to eliminate opening/closing forces due to pressure differential.

Mechanical Control Valve

For emissions-free liquid level control, our mechanical dump valves and trunnion assemblies have a simple design that is reliable, easy to set up, and will stand up to harsh environments.