Piston Balanced Valves

Upstream vs downstream pressure is balanced via communication of the process fluid above and below the balancing diaphragm or piston in order to eliminate opening/closing forces due to pressure differential.

Pneumatic Control Pilots

These pilots are most commonly used in Kimray Pressure Regulator Packages. Pilot may be installed remotely from the control valve, sensing upstream or downstream. Pressure sensing ranges in this category

Pneumatic Pilots & Relays

Any system in which it is desired to multiply and volume boost a pneumatic signal to a large control valve (aka motor valve) or similar equipment. Amplification of the input

Pressure Differential Controller

Pilot may be installed remotely from the control valve (aka motor valve) (see Control Valves shown in Sections E1 and E2 of the catalog). This pilot is used for maintaining

R2L Rotary-to-Linear Electric Actuator

Kimray Control Valves can operate with no emissions by using any of these electric or hydro-electric actuators. These control valves are great for field automation where electrical signals or communications

Temperature Controllers

Commonly used for controlling a set temperature in direct or indirect heaters, emulsion treaters, reboilers, steam generators, heat exchangers, cooler shutter controls and salt bath heaters, Kimray Temperature Controllers are